Candida Skin Infection Guide

Candida is a type of yeast that is commonly found in the human body along with billions of other micro-organisms. This yeast is present on the skin as well as every mucous membrane in the body including the intestine, stomach, eyes, ears, lungs, vagina, penis etc. The most common strain of this kind of yeast that is found in humans is called Candida Albicans and under normal circumstances it exists in harmony along with other bacteria and fungi in the body. However there are times when there is an immune system dysfunction or an over use of antibiotics. In such a situation, all the microorganisms – good and bad – are wiped out except the resistant Candida. This gives the Candida yeast to proliferate freely and take over the systems of the body resulting in the yeast infection called candidiasis.

This unchecked spread of Candida in the body can also lead to Candida skin infection. This Candida skin infection is most often the result of Candida Albicans spreading and infecting the skin. Candida skin infection occurs when the yeast penetrates the skin through a cut or a break. While Candida skin infection can occur in any part of the skin, it is generally found to occur in moist, warm and creased areas of the skin like the groin, armpits, breasts, abdomen folds in obese persons etc.

Candida skin infection is very common in infants and is the most cause of a diaper rash. The moist and warm environment the diaper provides is an excellent breeding ground for the yeast infection. In this kind of Candida skin infection the skin appears red, scaly and inflamed. Usually these rashes are accompanied by itching or pain. In skin folds on the body, Candida skin infection generally manifests as softened reddish skin known as Intertrigo. Candida skin infection is also seen around the nails in the swelling of the nail folds. This is known as Candida paronychia. A form of Candida skin infection also affects the folds of skin between the fingers.

Candida skin infection can take different forms in adults such as oral thrush in which the mucous membranes of the mouth are infected. Thrush appears as thick white patches in the mouth which may at times look like milk curds. This Candida skin infection can make the tongue look very red and the presence of thrush can make eating difficult. In women Candida skin infection can also take the form of a vaginal yeast infection. In this infection there is a cheesy white discharge from the vagina that itches and irritates the vagina and vulva. At times there may be pain during intercourse or burning during urination.
Candida skin infection can be quite serious and lead to a high level of discomfort. Very often the Candida skin infection brings with it extreme itching, a rash, an infection of the hair follicles which may look like pimples, papules, inflammation of skin etc.

Candida skin infection is diagnosed by a doctor primarily through observation of the skin’s appearance. Treatment mainly involves excellent hygiene, keeping folds and warm places of the body dry and exposed to air.

Toenail Fungus Home Remedies DIY

Actually, there are various toe fungus home remedy you can do yourself at home. And in this article you will learn about toe fungus home remedy using borax. As we know, borax is used for a food preservative so it can be more durable. Right now, we all know the dangers of borax, in general, borax can causing a gastrointestinal tract, kidney damage, shock and death if ingested 10g of borax.

Toe Fungus Home Remedy

Everyone sometimes get frightened and will always be vigilant because of the danger that is quite threatening. If you’ve been living in the country or region of Southeast Asia, in those countries there is such a frequent abuse of borax. Borax is actually a material for making a detergents and also as antiseptic. But because of the misuse, borax in food is often used, such as wet noodles, crackers, meatballs and other snacks. And actually, this is obviously dangerous. General character if the food has been tainted with borax is such as the colors are brighter and conspicuous than the other foods in terms of color, more supple and looks fresh in terms of texture and also the food will be very crispy. We just need to be more vigilant. Some cases proved that the traders of food in Southeast Asia countries such as meatballs, they are using borax to make it durable, but a case like this has not happened again and never be found again.

Toe Fungus Home Remedy Using Borax

Back to the subject of the toe fungus home remedy. Because the borax also act as food preservatives, it must also protect the food from fungi. Yep .. the fungus will be very difficult to penetrate the defense by borax, especially if mixed by using soda. Borax and soda is a killer of all types of fungi. Oregano Oil is very effective against Toenail Fungus. Read Oregano Oil Nail Fungus Pros Cons.

Toe Fungus Home Remedy

To apply it as a toe fungus treatment is also relatively easy. Please prepare in advance the ingredients. Here you need to prepare:

1. Borax

It can be found in all areas, but i do not really know for a characteristic of the store that sells borax. Anyway you can find it on line easily.

2. Soda

Here you can have any kind of soda. What is clear is that soda will be instrumental in killing the fungus like apple cider vinegar and baking soda.

Already prepared all the ingredients? Here’s the steps :

  • Mix the powdered borax and soda with water to become a paste. You just need a little bit water to make sure that this is not too thin.
  • Wet the area that infected with fungi. You can apply only a little water.
  • If so, rub the infected nail fungus using a mixture of borax and soda powder that has become a paste. Rub evenly on the affected area of ​​the nail fungus.
  • For more satisfactory results, you can do it 2 or 3 times a week. Within few weeks, you may be able to see that the toe fungus is already gone.

Watch this video for more information :

That’s the toe fungus home remedy that will work quite effective, you also can do it consistently to prevent the fungal infections coming back again. But you need to really be careful using borax, always remember to keep this thing from children. However, if you have done the treatment above and still not seen the results you want, then consult a doctor is the best thing to do.